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About Advantage Rent to Own

We pride ourselves on making it possible for renters to achieve their dream of home ownership. With our Rent to Own process, we prepare renters for home ownership and provide the support to make it possible. Benefits include mortgage loan counseling and a rent credit upon completion of our process.

Why just Rent when you can Rent to Own?

Is our Rent to Own process right for you? To find out, click here.

We have working relationships with brokers involved in Rent to Own, Lease Purchases, and Seller Carry-backs that cover the following geographic areas:

Tucson, Vail, Sahuarita, Marana, Oro Valley, Green Valley, Corona de Tucson, Benson, Sierra Vista, Casa Grande and the Phoenix metro area.

If you would like to talk to a live person about qualifying for a rent to own home, lease purchase, lease option, buydown, or seller carry-back, please contact us today!

Lease Purchase

A lease purchase contract (or lease option contract) is the abbreviated form of the appropriate term lease with option to purchase contract. It is a form of real estate purchase which combines elements of a traditional rental agreement with an exclusive option of right of first refusal to later purchase the home. These contracts are commonly used where a buyer wants to purchase a home, but due to credit issues would not qualify for a conventional mortgage and does not wish to, or would not qualify, for FHA or VA financing.

Under the typical terms, the tenant/buyer chooses the home and seeks a landlord/seller to serve as an investor. The tenant/buyer then agree to a lease period, during or after which the tenant/buyer has the exclusive right to purchase the home at a previously agreed-upon price. The tenant/buyer pays to the landlord/seller a non-refundable option deposit that is applied to the purchase price of the home. The tenant/buyer then pays to the landlord/seller a sum that is typical to the rental amount usually on a monthly basis, of which a portion of that monthly payment may or may not be applied to the purchase price of the home, but which normally covers the mortgage amount owed by the landlord/seller.

Should the tenant/buyer not wish or be unable to purchase the house, the tenant and landlord can agree to extend the option period, convert the lease purchase contract into a traditional rental agreement, or end the contract with the tenant moving out and the landlord seeking other renters or buyers.

Lease purchase and lease option could be considered different where a lease purchase uses a purchase agreement and a lease option may not and an option is a unilateral contract and a purchase agreement is typically a bilateral contract.


A buydown is a mortgage financing technique where the buyer attempts to obtain a lower interest rate for at least the first few years of the mortgage. The seller of the property usually provides payments to the mortgage lending institution, which, in turn, lowers the buyer's monthly interest rate and therefore monthly payment. This is typically done for a period of about one to five years. From a buyer's point of view, this is a great way to lock in a low monthly payment. From a seller's point of view, this is a great benefit that can be provided to a buyer that might not be able to otherwise afford the home or qualify for the financing at the higher rate. A seller is more likely to offer a buydown than drop the price of the home by thousands of dollars.

Seller Carry-Back

A seller carry-back is an agreement in which the owner of a property provides financing, often in combination with a mortgage provided by a bank. Due to high interest rates, it was virtually impossible in the early 1980ís to sell property without some form of seller carry back. Sometimes the property was owned free and clear and the seller carried a first mortgage or trust deed. Sometimes there was a first trust deed which the buyer took over and the seller carried a second mortgage. During those years, the more sophisticated sellers and Realtors used a document called an All Inclusive Deed of Trust, more commonly referred to as an AITD or wrap around. In any event, these were the seller carry backs.

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